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How to Choose the Most Suitable Visualization?

In the age of information, numerous types of data visualizations are designed to make it easier for the deliverers to transfer knowledge, patterns, and...


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Combining AI with Computing IN Azure

Introduction As per the estimate for 2018, Forrester will pursue development at an average annual rate combined closed to 22% in 2018 at $178B worldwide...


Result-Oriented | Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has been available since the early 2000s. Still, there was a long, much older idea of computing as a service, back in...

What is AWS Landing Zone

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Continuous Delivery

CI/CD Best Practices | Implementation Integration

What is The Need for Improvements in CI/CD? The integration, distribution, and execution of CI / CD, collectively known as CI / CD, is an...

Flux, Kubernetes and Continuous Delivery (CD)

What is Flux, and Why is it Unique? One of the instruments out there for the distribution side of the CI/CD ratio for Kubernetes implementation...

Netflix and Spinnaker

The Development of an Efficient CD setup Introduction The fact that an engineer, perhaps, pushed out an errant deployment or made a change to a property...

Development & Operations | DevOps

What is DevOps? DevOps is an implementation of the Agile approach which combines development or creation (dev) and operations or functionality (ops) in the developing...

Automating | CI & CD

Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Integration (CI) is an extension programming method that includes programmers to insert code into the mainstream, at least once daily, and...


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